Monday, August 30, 2010

Reunited... and it feels so good!

hahaha well i was going to just wait for the letter to arrive telling you [Mom and Dad] that i am a District leader now.... I am not really happy about that but i have the best companion i could have received and the ward here wow its great! So this companionship we have is the first time President Puzey has made this transfer. I am companions with Elder Latu again! hahaha We are the first foreigner companionship in the mission since President Puzey. We got a little meeting with him after the transfer was called and everybody was compaining (more like jealous) Because we are batch (means we arrived the same time) we were companions in the MTC and we are Foreingers. So he talked to us and told us that when he recieved the inspiration that we are to be companions he knew that it was the first time, but he has his trust in us to basically not screw around and get the work done. So yeah its pretty crazy! The Zone i am in is Huge-- Tarlac Zone and my area is Victoria. Yeah its pretty close to Guimba my last area. I am also the District leader over Elder Leavitt he was in our district back in the MTC. Anyways our Ward has over 100 people attend they are ACTIVE members and we have functioning Ward Missionaries. This is the first time in a long time where we just had to relax and enjoy Sacrament meeting.

yeah this is like the best transfer so far, we are having a lot of fun. I think we are the only foreigners that dont speak english to each other... like ever! hahahaha this area is awesome its like a ward at home and actually we do not really have dinner appointments but i made some great first impressions so yeah i am working on getting fed ;) hahahaha In this area it is pretty easy to get things [groceries etc] we are kind of a city here, but not really, its in between a farming area and a city. i am having a hard time learning the area, lots of turns and streets, not like the street highway guimba was like.

Um Well there are Zones and in each Zone there are 2-3 District Leaders. In each district you have at least 2 or more companionships. The District leader is in charge of those Elders in helping them in their work. We also have to conduct Baptism interviews for their investigators to see if they are ready for baptism. We also have to report the work of our district to our zone leaders and now we have to get workshops in every district meeting about the new curriculum. Before the new Curriculum it would just rotate every week. So yeah its a whole lot of responsibilities i really don't want... but i did get an awesome companion out of it so i wont complain too much!

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