Monday, August 9, 2010

Q & A

We got a new branch presidency and our attendance was 92 this week !

Oh, also this is the land where all our old broken toys end up. I have seen toys that i am like Wow i had that when i was a little kid and i swear it was broken the same way! hahahaha

Question: How did you solve the problem of the house you live in so that you don't need to find another one?

Answer: The problem was that the nanay who washes our clothes had to wash clothes inside our house because there was no place outside to do so because there is a house behind us and we cant just leave our clothes hanging out all day. But we talked with the house manger and we closed off the path to the house behind us and locked our gate with a lock so our clothes are safe and people aren't always walking through our area and the facet outside needed to be replaced and some wires placed for hanging the clothes so all is well now and that episode is over!

Q: What about the mud in the yard.. still need cement work?

A: We have some gravel for the outside.

Q: What about grocery shopping and what do you do for breakfast?

A: We have a grocery store it is over in the city. We actually are lucky and have dinner appointments with members, but yes we cook. The morning is Rice and a fried egg sometimes or hot dog (its nothing like a hot dog you would know hahahaha) Or rice and noodles. But yeah all meals are with a plate of rice.

Q: Did you ever get a watch?

A: No i don't use a watch i have completely adapted to the time and just know what time it is. My companion has a watch and i am like its like 6:30 now isn't it? and he is like yeah its like 6:35 so yeah i know what time it is normally by if it is dark or how bright it is

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