Monday, May 31, 2010


so we got the announcement Elder Wihongi-Ritchie is leaving us and Elder Castro is our new District Leader. That means every single one of my companions has been a District Leader... hahaha so me and elder Castro will be staying here maybe for another month then he will leave or no transfer again for us two! so yeah we are sad to say goodbye to Elder Wihongi but excited to still be companions! We have a lot of work to do around here and are happy for the chance to stay and help! Nothing really exciting is going on. we have one investigator who really wants to be baptized and we have a new investigator we have started to teach who is really awesome! she has a brand new baby and loves to hear the message we come bring to her. So people say summer is over because of all the rain and lightning we have been having. By the way, the lightning and thunder here is amazing! We have had some really loud thunder that sounded like the lightning had hit just outside our house. i was talking to elder castro and we were in the 'work out' room and the windows were open and then- bam, the thunder! and he just ran away into another room! hahaha i just stood laughing at him. then the neighbors saw and heard and were asking if he was scared and I just laughed and told them yeah i think so because he ran away!! hahaha So thats all the news i have for the area here.

Yeah i dont speak english like ever. the only times i get to speak english is when my companions ask me what is the best way to say something and i have to hear his reallllllly bad english grammar and then translate it and give the proper grammer answer... then teach him how to speak like a normal american so that he doesn't say it funny... hahaha but yeah my english is bad. i cant talk to the couple missionaries with out using tagalog words... its embarrassing... oh i ate today a bbq pulled pork sandwich that sister cosgrove made. yeah it was really good! it made me miss my bbq... then she made an amazing chocolate cake that was sooooo good! most amazing frosting. yeah there was some left over but i was like um no i cant eat anymore. cause i am used to eating filippino food and i eat enough stuff that i dont ever want to really eat again. so i passed on the left overs because i knew i would not want to eat later! hahaha oh how i miss food like In and Out, BBQ, Dr pepper mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hahaha well the power was cut off for a few minutes but thanks to the new google email ldsmail it saved my letter =P well i am off love ya!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Baptism

we have had some rain here and there randomly it will just rain then stop

we had a baptism on Sunday morning cause there was no power on saturday. [In attendance were] me, my companions, the elders quorum president, and our nanay, and Tyson who got baptized. it was small & quick. Tyson(he is 25) never went to school and has a hard time learning and understanding but we taught to him like you would a 5 year old and he understood and after the baptism we got to hear for the first time his testimony! he is very shy about that stuff and it was great! he has actually gone to church like 8 times in a row and helps out with setting up chairs and what not maybe that will be his calling

sooo yeah we are broke over here and starving. our support was held back for a week and we dont have any propane for our stove
so i found our rice cooker which was broken... and opened it up and was like- what could be wrong... hmm that is black on the wire... oh it h
as a fuse i will just go ask at the junk shop for one it will probably be like 40 pesos... so we go and look and nope no one has one... darn... so a member said "we have a rice cooker we do not use come by later and get it"... well we went home and i was like um i think we have a rice cooker up stairs. i found it and the lever w
as broke... so i was like- i bet the fuse is good. sure enough it was and i fixed the rice cooker so that we can have rice, hard boiled eggs and pancit canton! hahahaha so we are surviving! well thats about all the excitement around here! i have pics of Tyson who was baptized on Sunday! and just randomness! love ya all!

me and tyson waiting for power to come back on! yeah no i am not fat just making a funny face!!| (taken May 22 at 4:23 pm)

me and tyson having fun waiting for power still! (taken May 22 at 5:24 pm)

Tyson and Elder Wihongi-Ritchie waiting! (taken May 22 at 4:15 pm)

Our Chapel! (taken May 22 at 4:18 pm)

The Three Nephites of Guimba! (Taken May 22 at 5:25 pm)

my crazy zone leader.... he caught the bat in our second floor! (taken May 14 at 2:46 pm)

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Hot!

i am sweating to death! hahahaha but other than that i am fine! yeah its hot from 10-4 then the wind comes so its not too bad. i am not in it all the time

um yeah i am actually getting ready to leave [the computer place] a little early cause we are sweating to death in here more so then normal! but really i dont have anything to say [for the blog] we do have a baptism coming on saturday and thats about it so when that happens you just focus the whole week on that person so yeah thats about it! love ya

Monday, May 10, 2010

Answering Some Questions

Do you still go without a watch? Yes the one i bought broke two days before transfers!

What is your favorite hymn? Abide With Me Tis' Even Tide

What is your favorite scripture or conference talk? The Parable of The Lost Sheep, and Elder Holland's Talk on the Book of Mormon from last Conference ["Safety for the Soul" Oct. 2009]

What is your favorite thing to do on P-day? E-mail! of course! and Eat with the elder's

What is your favorite food? Shanghai Lumpiang and Halo-Halo is good (its like a dessert thing here and its really a lot of random things i would never eat separate! but you mix it all together and WOW its tasty! (i will get one later most likely!)

any other favorites or dislikes, now that you have more experience?
The cloud lightning like every night is awesome!
Speaking Tagalog to people who try to speak english to me!
Adobo (its food)
Rice (my companions have stopped eating it for a diet, i miss eating it now)
Pancit Cantan its like top raman but WAY better! hahaha
Making random dogs follow me to appointments

Getting punted from an Appointment
sweating all day!
when the jeepnee keeps stopping and putting people in when there is obviously no room!
also being packed into the trike now that there is three of us and Elder Wihongi is not small!
[for photo of a trike, go to the December 29, 2009 entry]
Rain (cause its hard to work when you are dripping wet)
hahahaha thats about it for the likes and dislikes!

Monday, May 3, 2010

???? how many months has it been?

So we had an amazing rainfall! haha every night we get what is called Kidlat (lightning) its just the cloud lightning no thunder but its way cool to see
the sky just flash randomly ever couple of minutes. But we did actually get some real thunder and lightning the other night and rain. Elder Castro not
a fan of rain he does not like to walk around soaking wet! haha It had started to sprinkle and i was like Yun! Unlan! (yes! rain!) and then it started to
really rain... WOW it just came out of nowhere and poured. we started to run to our appointment which was close by. yeah we were pretty soaked
for only being in the rain for like a minute! so yeah i have learned that rain around here is no joke and that its not fun to be
soaked... so i am told (i think it is still fun! as long as my socks are not wet!) well that is all the fun and adventures for this week for Elder Grow!

"Last Night Jaen" taken April 21, 2010 at 5:22 pm
"Rays Bright" taken April 22 at 5:42 pm"Rays Dark" taken April 22 at 5:43 pm