Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Baptism

we have had some rain here and there randomly it will just rain then stop

we had a baptism on Sunday morning cause there was no power on saturday. [In attendance were] me, my companions, the elders quorum president, and our nanay, and Tyson who got baptized. it was small & quick. Tyson(he is 25) never went to school and has a hard time learning and understanding but we taught to him like you would a 5 year old and he understood and after the baptism we got to hear for the first time his testimony! he is very shy about that stuff and it was great! he has actually gone to church like 8 times in a row and helps out with setting up chairs and what not maybe that will be his calling

sooo yeah we are broke over here and starving. our support was held back for a week and we dont have any propane for our stove
so i found our rice cooker which was broken... and opened it up and was like- what could be wrong... hmm that is black on the wire... oh it h
as a fuse i will just go ask at the junk shop for one it will probably be like 40 pesos... so we go and look and nope no one has one... darn... so a member said "we have a rice cooker we do not use come by later and get it"... well we went home and i was like um i think we have a rice cooker up stairs. i found it and the lever w
as broke... so i was like- i bet the fuse is good. sure enough it was and i fixed the rice cooker so that we can have rice, hard boiled eggs and pancit canton! hahahaha so we are surviving! well thats about all the excitement around here! i have pics of Tyson who was baptized on Sunday! and just randomness! love ya all!

me and tyson waiting for power to come back on! yeah no i am not fat just making a funny face!!| (taken May 22 at 4:23 pm)

me and tyson having fun waiting for power still! (taken May 22 at 5:24 pm)

Tyson and Elder Wihongi-Ritchie waiting! (taken May 22 at 4:15 pm)

Our Chapel! (taken May 22 at 4:18 pm)

The Three Nephites of Guimba! (Taken May 22 at 5:25 pm)

my crazy zone leader.... he caught the bat in our second floor! (taken May 14 at 2:46 pm)

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