Monday, May 10, 2010

Answering Some Questions

Do you still go without a watch? Yes the one i bought broke two days before transfers!

What is your favorite hymn? Abide With Me Tis' Even Tide

What is your favorite scripture or conference talk? The Parable of The Lost Sheep, and Elder Holland's Talk on the Book of Mormon from last Conference ["Safety for the Soul" Oct. 2009]

What is your favorite thing to do on P-day? E-mail! of course! and Eat with the elder's

What is your favorite food? Shanghai Lumpiang and Halo-Halo is good (its like a dessert thing here and its really a lot of random things i would never eat separate! but you mix it all together and WOW its tasty! (i will get one later most likely!)

any other favorites or dislikes, now that you have more experience?
The cloud lightning like every night is awesome!
Speaking Tagalog to people who try to speak english to me!
Adobo (its food)
Rice (my companions have stopped eating it for a diet, i miss eating it now)
Pancit Cantan its like top raman but WAY better! hahaha
Making random dogs follow me to appointments

Getting punted from an Appointment
sweating all day!
when the jeepnee keeps stopping and putting people in when there is obviously no room!
also being packed into the trike now that there is three of us and Elder Wihongi is not small!
[for photo of a trike, go to the December 29, 2009 entry]
Rain (cause its hard to work when you are dripping wet)
hahahaha thats about it for the likes and dislikes!

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