Monday, June 27, 2011


so we just ended a WEEKS worth of rain. It has rained non stop and it was like super strong rain and would not stop. So yeah we were not in the storm but the storm was pulling all the clouds and rain and it was passing all over us. But all was good. work was very slow for us but we were at hitting it hard and just getting wet and doing our best to try and find people who would let us teach them. That is still not going well its always come back another day and they are not there on that next day! So yeah but my new comp is getting a lot of good practice with trying to talk to people.. but he is doing his best to get work done. So yeah that is what is the newest news here from Anao, Tarlac, Philippines!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Good Feeling

So there is nothing new to add from last week except my new companion is Elder Declaro he is fresh from the MTC excited and Nervous about a whole lot of things. He is running way too fast and trying to just know everything within one week so that he will not hinder the work. He is a really nice guy born in the church and is just wanting to serve and be a missionary. So happy father’s day to dad totally forgot about fathers day really.

JUST FIND OUT THE FAMILY I WAS TEACHING IN MY LAST AREA WAS BAPTIZED! The Father, Mother and one of their Children! man that is a good feeling. Now just hope they stay strong in the church!

well yeah that is about all we have, a lot of work to do this transfer in my area. so that is whats up now

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still in Anao

its transfers tomorrow so we had a sleep over and that was just fun. you go over to the elders house and sleep... normally you mess around all night then on p day you are tired all day! its awesome! so anyways i am sleepy

i am still in Anao. What i know about the transfer is that elder abuan is going to my second area which is very close to our area so he will not be going far (but he will be traveling to far places to go back the other direction).

i will probably have a whole lot of new things next transfer to talk about. there is nothing to talk about now because i do not have investigators or anything

Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Bowl of Popcorn

yeah i am good now!

so... i got a letter that i will be training this next transfer... i am staying (in Anao)

i cooked a big bowl of popcorn on friday night... i always get this crazy look when i am like, “no i am just going to eat popcorn tonight or in the morning”.. i have to explain that is what i learned from my dad hahahaha

i think i have described it [Anao] before... its got a lot of houses that are next to each other and its kinda like downtown sacramento... but its not really a city, its just out on the outskirts of Paniqui city... its a nice little place. We just have no investigators and its reallly annoying. all of our investigators are like old investigators that are like done listening and are not reading or coming to church.

we have to go to Paniqui every monday, so we shop here. its like 30 minutes by tricycle [Go to blog entry December 2009 "Pictures" to see photo of a trike, then imagine 2 Elders in the sidecar on a 30 minute ride!!]

well i am off ... it is waayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy HOT here!