Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Me & Elder Pajela Activity Night


a taste of the philippines

Monday, December 28, 2009

Two Weeks

Well this week was just busy with Mission Conference and Ward Christmas Party and Exchanges. So we didnt meet a lot of our weekly goals and that was a big disappointment. It was also a tough week for finding cause of the whole Christmas excitement! This week nothing really exciting happened just a busy week a lot of walking. Then come new years its realllllly unsafe around here so we all have to stay at the zone leaders house.
Well i solved my cold shower problem! hahaha i boil water while Elder Pajela is showering so that when he finishes i fill the bucket with the normal water then pour in the hot water and get a warm water shower! hahaha its nice not gonna lie. I lost the broke alarm clock i had the other day so i had to get the new one out. The boots are nice but they hurt my feet cause my socks are thick enough so yeah i will have to do something about that socks are cheap or find some inserts. Hmm i dont have much else to tell you cause i talked all about it at christmas so yeah The work is going okay just that this was a hard week and my tagalog is okay people are still like amazed by it tho.. but thats only cause Elder Hudson who was new here never spoke tagalog so they just think i am amazing! then they think they can just speak tagalog to me and i am like Ano? and they just smile and laugh. We are trying to start a home teaching and visiting teaching program in our ward with the bishop and try to help him with sacrament meeting cause its really bad here anytime there is a lull in the service everyone just starts to talk to each other and it makes it hard to maintain the spirit after the sacrament is passed. So we are going to try and help with bishop with some little things that might help him out. I am going to work on getting pictures sent we are asking our mission president if there is a website we can use to upload pictures to so that we can just send the link to our parents and then they can download them. Well hopefully this week will be filled with more things to talk about! love ya lots!

Monday, December 21, 2009

First Week

minding my own business as we went through these house and bam BLACK dog out of the bushes starts chasing the Trike and is like trying to get me!! i was like GO GO GO! and then we got away! well we taught for like 15 minutes and went back the same way and i was like okay the dog came out the other side so it will get elder pajela in the cart and here i am minding my own business again and BAM out of the bushes on my side again BLACK dog JUMPING to get my feet i was like HOY GRABE!! HINDI ULIT! (not again!) and then we sped off and i was safe but yeah that dog was evil for no reason!! Anyways sunday was fun cause the ward really likes me cause i am always talking to people and trying to understand them and responding to them the bishop really likes me cause he kept picking on me to do stuff like lead in singing and prayers and i just go "okay po" (po = when talking to older people or to add respect) so yeah i just do whatever he asks and he just laughs. Yeah people really think i have been out in the mission for at least a transfer cause i am too happy and dont believe Elder Pajela when he says i have been here for like 5 days and when they talk to him about me and i turn around and answer there questions and they get all embarrassed cause i understood them hahahaha yeah its reallly fun out here not going to lie
today was a little hectic cause of all the christmas parties and what not going on but yeah its like the best week to be here for a first week a lot of fun activities! i love it out here and the people are so amazing i like to mimic my companion to be more like a Filipino and he just goes yeah thats how we do it! hahahaha yeah eating with your hands is pretty fun something i am really used to actually you eat a lot faster hahaha well i am running out of time we have a lot of things to get done for the rest of the week!

So yeah that is the stuff you can put in the blog and send out to others (i.e. MTC Teachers) the rest here is for you.