Monday, August 16, 2010

A Pretty Good Week

So this was a pretty good week! We had investigators come to church! We had 4 investigators come-- they are teenagers, though. but hey, everybody needs the gospel in their life! We even have a referral that we have only taught twice but when we followed-up about her praying to know, she got a taste of the Holy Ghost bearing witness to her. we explained to her what that was, and we are trying to teach her whole family. We have talked to her mother and encouraged her to listen with her daughter. Surprisingly i dont really do the whole teenager scene, mainly cause they sometimes aren't too serious about it all, but the ones we have been teaching actually listen and keep their commitments. Because we have been learning this new curriculum and they are new investigators of ours, we have been applying what we learn to them. We have seen some dramatic results! Our new Branch President Mario Cortez, was the Branch President when it was just a meeting house and that was sometime ago. We had our first PEC Meeting with him and we just went over what is expected in a PEC Meeting and what would help us out as of right now. We talked about a Branch Missionary Leader. So things are looking like they are on the incline which is sad and great at the same time. sad because it seems that when i get dumped into an area that is well what people say 'Hard', just before transfers the area starts doing good and yep i get the boot! hahaha I will take it as i did my job correctly though! This is what happened in Jean and so it looks like it might happen again just got that strong feeling. I have had splits with two Americans which was unavoidable. one was our Zone Leader he is Samoan and lives in Utah. He is way nice and we had a lot of fun on Splits. he is going home next transfer and it was starting to set in for him. He was like man i am going home and i am scared its going to be way weird. I just laughed at him and was like yeah i dont need to worry about that for another 14 months! Well the time is going by way fast and i am just continuing to have fun, teach and preach (i dont do the whole preaching thing cause that is basically just talking at someone and that is not a good Gospel Teacher). Well i hope all is well at home! I might have some pictures next week! Love ya all!

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