Monday, August 23, 2010

I was transfered!

well i got transferred! I will be going to a new area on thursday and it will be on the other side of the mission.
Transfers go like this. Your Zone Leaders get a text sunday night about who is being transferred then on monday for p day we have the announcement. Then on thursday that is when you will go to your new area but you dont know where or who is your companion until then. There are two sides to the mission, the Angeles Side and the Cabanatuan Side. i am going to angeles. There are like 8 zones in each side. So all you know is that you will go to that side of the mission at the Transfer point and then there will be an announcement of who are companions and their area. Then you pile up in a jeepnee and head to your area! Its all very hetic! so next monday i will tell you all about where i am. Re Cabanatuan: i go there all the time-- well went there all the time... that is were we go for our mission conferences. Its a city and rather big. most of the missionaries i know started there. my trainer Elder Pajela is the Zone Leader of Cabanatuan. He might have gotten transferred now though.

so our walls are not painted they are just concrete and we found a box of chalk in our house-- so since we dont have white board like most houses have to write about investigators and what not, I just started writing on walls: Trike fares and jeepnee fares to places in our area and random tagalog words to learn. Well i was like hey its just chalk and that looks like a good place for my name!

well i am off i am hungry and i am going on the Good-bye Tour! hahahaha love ya!

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