Monday, August 2, 2010

New Curriculum

Well there is some awesome new curriculum that went out to the MTCs that help teach [you how] to be a better teacher of the Gospel. It is some really awesome stuff. We are being taught now in the field and get an extra Zone Conference to learn and study the new stuff. With this new curriculum we get a new Preach my Gospel DVD. the old one was to show what missionary work was like and it basically covered all the principles of PMG. The only problem with the [old] Videos was that the investigators they had were like PERFECT so it was like-- okay teach this principle and oh look they understand... and wow i can't apply this to my work. This new DVD yeah it shows the not successful at all and the successful lessons and the Elders and Sisters they use are rather humorous and actually are like "yeah i get frustrated when i think i am teaching something clearly and they just aren't getting it." So we all love the new dvd and yeah you can really relate to them. We have used this new style of teaching and even tho we have only started to learn it we have seen some differences in our lessons. We also had a miracle happen this sunday! We had 86 people come to sacrament meeting. one of them was someone who had not gone to church for 2 years because her husband is not a member. We also had a reactivation activity after church that helped us meet a lot of part member families that we could visit and hopefully be able to teach. Well there is nothing more really to say but maybe just maybe this next week will be filled with exciting news... I am feeling it! or it could just be indigestion... hahhaahaha well love ya all! Well if i dont have anything to say next week how about some people submit some questions that they would like answers for... that would make my life a tad bit more easy! hahaha

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