Monday, July 26, 2010


SOOOOOOOOOO Yeah work around here has been rather fun! We do this whole OYM'ing (Open Your Mouth) basically talk to everyone. then after like 10 minutes of talking to them they decided to tell us yeah i was a member a long time ago. So we just do our best to get a return appointment and yeah they normally arent around the next time! hahaha Well as long as we are doing our part and trying it is still up to them to come back. Elder Villarde is awesome as well can't explain it but yeah he just is! We dont have a branch presidency yet, they were all released and one of the branch district councilors is the acting President. I really dont have much to say about anything ummm we have 2 new familys we are teaching but they are located at opposites sides of our area and they are at the ends of our area. like i think we crossed areas one time trying to find the path to go to their house! I think i will tell that to president at interviews next week. I am sure we will not enjoy it when i tell him we went out side our zone... hahahaha Actually our president is really nice and has a rather big sense of humor so he will probably just shake his fist at me! Well i am alive even tho i have eaten frog... it was adobo style and basically anything adobo style i will basically eat. There is a lot of talk that Adobo Daga is really tasty! Yeah if someone takes the time to learn what that is you will probably get a real kick out of it! hahahahaha alright thats about it we have some stuff to do! Love ya all! Thanks for your support yadda-yadda... (yeah i just yadda-yadda'd that) But really i am grateful for all the support! (grateful... spell check tells me that is the correct spelling but part of me disagrees and thinks it should be greatful!! oh well what do i know!) Love ya! Oh yeah we are on a new house hunt! but so far no luck! okay i am going now!

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