Monday, July 5, 2010

Okay so letter to everyone

Well we had a successful baptism and confirmation of Ellen Obillo. This last sunday the atmosphere was something of happiness in the air. I do not know if it was because of the new member to the ward or if it was the testimonies that were borne. Anyways we had all of our classes for the first time in a long time. We also had some really hard and heavy rainfall these last few days and of course our normal power outages that came to follow! So now baptism was held back a few hours because there was no power so we couldn't fill the Font. So we patiently waited and finally after almost 2 hours we had power and in 10 minutes the Font was filled and we got the show on the road! ( Everyone in the picture is a friend not family. Her family lives in a different area and are not members. She stays at the families house for school and to go to church). When Ellen went to bear her testimony the power went out. Which was probably good cause she is always scared of stuff like that, even when its just to pray at the end of our lessons! So she gave a simple but very true testimony. Anyways there was one day we couldn't take it anymore waiting for the rain to settle so we shared a message to the less active family we were visiting (Yelling the message over the loud rainfall!). We then said okay we are leaving now and they try to convince us to just wait a little longer. hahahaha We ignored there pleas and left! We had about a 10 min walk and yeah we were soaked! We had fun walking in the rain though lots of laughs and then showing up to our last appointment... cause we missed about 2 others! The questions were asked "Where is your umbrella!? and "Are you two crazy?" Our answer were simple... "Umm.. it wasnt raining when we left our house earlier." and "Yeah probably but this is our job." We then ate some food! hahaha nothing like Chicken Adobo to warm ya up! oh Yeah i caught some more pictures of lightning they are pretty sweet i added them! Okay so as for teaching this week. This week has been basically the teachings of Elder Grows Life. We have run out of things to teach to less actives and Elder Castro has been reading Liahonas and sharing messages from them. After he shares-- an experience seems to pop into my head-- and this goes out to Dad: All of my experiences seem to be related to working with him. I have realized why Dad loves his job so much... well not so much the work but the concepts of the work. =P When he works he basically applies the Principles of the Gospel to his work. This is a story i shared, "I can not pick just one of the countless times when my Father and I were working on a job that never seemed to go right. We could not find out how to fix the problem, but we knew there was a problem because it was not working! After many hours i was tired and still could not fix the problem and was done working and wanted to go home. My Father said "No, we know how to fix this, just a little longer." i really had no choice to quit because my Father is the one who drives us to the jobs I of course had to agree and continue, even if i didn't really want to. After all of the hard work and frustration, we finally figured out what to do. We fixed it and were happily satisfied and rather tired. Because of our diligence and patience (even if i might have lacked it at first) we were able to solve the problem, and make those people happy again. This is a perfect example to me of moments in our life, when we will have trials that we just can not overcome, but like my father leaning over me telling me, "...we know how to fix this...", is much like the guidance of the Lord through our Trials speaking to us through the Hold Ghost saying, "You have all the answers right in front of you, just a little longer and you will find your answer". When we have trials and life seems hopeless this is the time we need to have Patience and be Diligent, because all our answers can be found through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rather than complaining about your problems and letting them wear you down, start to look for the answers, turn to others for help because they might have experienced the same problems before in their lives and can help you and give you support. After your trails and problems are done and over with, you will be like that happy and grateful family that we had helped, and will give your thanks to those that have helped you. We do not know what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day, but we need to be prepared to endure the things to come, because they will make us stronger for the our next trials. I have realized in my short life so far, all my challenges and problems that i endured (even if they can hardly be called challenges and problems) have made me better then i was before and i am grateful for all those experiences even though i hated them at the time. I know that we have all the answers to our life's problems, but we just need to look for them no matter how long it takes and the first place to start would be the Teachings of Jesus Christ. I know that these things are true because i have lived them and leave them in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen." Actually in tagalog all of that is simple to say hahaha maybe you can just leave out a lot of words cause one word means like 5 things that you would normaly consider different words in english hahaha Also i added a little more of my personal thoughts that i had left out [when talking to members]. =P So yeah thats about it all in all! Patuloy kayo magtiis ng mga pagsubok ninyo! Mahal Kita!
If If Ellen Looks upset in the Pics... its probably because we made her wear the Jumpsuit for about an hour! hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Baptism pictures taken July 3 2010 at about 6:10pm

Lightning Photo Taken July 1, 2010 about 8 pm

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