Monday, July 19, 2010

Tool Time!

i did not get transferred but elder castro did! i had to go all the way to angeles to pick up my companion. my companion now is Elder Villarde. He served in the same Zone and District in my first area so we already know each pretty well which is nice! I took money out cause i had to buy stuff and the fares for traveling and i might have to withdraw more money to fix things in our house.... yeah i have learned how to fix things filippino style which is they use like this rubber lace to wrap around water pipes and whatever they need to tie or whatever. hahaha yeah so the toilet water valve knob wont tighten it just pops back up and lets water flow.. yeah i tied that down with the rubber stuff so that we dont have a leak.. hahaha some of our screens have holes so we have been having mosquitoes. Oh and also last night while we were out working it was raining and what not like usual... but our meter for our electricity blew up.... hahaha all the meters for a neighborhood are hanging on a power line pole on the street. I asked my neighbor why we dont have power and he looked around then said we will go and report it later. Then 10 minutes later he comes over and tells us our meter is black. hahaha yeah it was solid black it caught on fire i guess.. so we reported it and they said it might be 5 days until they fix it..... so yeah thats what i am dealing with right now at this moment. hahaha oh well

Regarding his ability to fix things: you would think i would be happy... but no i am not cause one i cant just let it sit there and be broken for one transfer... also i cant do much cause i dont have any tools!!!! so yeah its more annoying then anything really its like oh yeah i could fix that if you find me two wrenches and where to buy plumbing parts... hahah
Regarding buying some tools: i would [buy some, but] i just dont want to carry tools around with me everywhere. they get heavy and i have inherited the problem dad has-- one tool is just not enough, you need a good variety!
Regarding borrowing tools from members or the meetinghouse: ummm they have crews around here that go around every few months and clean and repair the churches. They just hire people to do anything that is major. most people dont have tools they normally borrow from someone else or use the wrong tool for a certain job... i will do my best to find. I actually might have to lay cement around our house cause we have dirt and we have this low spot that is making a lake when it rains....

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