Monday, September 6, 2010

11 Months

11 months. yeah its been a long time but it really doesn't feel like it until you share about the experiences you have had with investigators and members you teach then yeah its like wow i have been out for a while.

we have had dinner appointments but we cook quite often except i was lazy and just bought bbq pork one night and it was very good. 1 kilo worth!

i don't really have much to tell you actually-- just been working and getting stuff done trying to find new investigators and make sure those who are preparing for baptism are ready and solid. Oh yeah our Districts have changed so now in my district are 2 sister companionships and me and Elder Latu. Piece of cake to be the District Leader! This came to mind because in our district meeting earlier i have to teach about the new curriculum and i basically had an experience for everything that i was teaching. One of the sisters she is only 6 months out maybe but she seems like she is over a year. She was like Elder Grow how long have you been out? my answer not even a year just been stuck in 2 areas with a lot of issues to be solved. Anyways yeah sometimes i forget how long its been and i am like ummmm 7 months... wait no... 9 months here in the philippines.

"I am still working on fixing my shoes... they are getting water logged! i need to fix the hole somehow. I have an idea with the putty stuff that is waterproof that you mix the two compounds together and it hardens. so yeah we will see if that helps! i dont need shoes! i just need to fix my shoe that is all. and the only thing that is wrong with them is the store hole in the bottom because the logo fell off! they are just really comfortable! The leather is nice and worn so it makes it easy to slip on and off and they are just awesome shoes and will survive the whole mission with me! even if it means putting my foot in plastic bags and then into my shoes! hahahaha i have an extra pair they just aren't the best for walkin in. I can buy these cheap shoes here but mostly every month that will be 180 pesos [about $4 US] that will be spent. [and my] boots are kind of hard to take on and off which we do almost every appointment. anyways thats about it!"

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