Monday, September 27, 2010

I really got sick!

We had to stay at the zone leaders house [Sunday night]... so the whole sleeping was not so good and all that.. [the next night] i got really sick! I dont know what happened but i woke up at like 2 in the morning on fire but with the chills. so i like wrapped myself up in towels and a bed sheet. oh and my lymph node (or that gland on the side of your neck that sometimes gets swollen) on my left was HUGE and it hurt to touch... i just pumped myself with Ibuprofen and survived that day. then the next day it didnt hurt but was still a little swollen and then by thursday i was all good! so yeah you probably didnt need to know that, but hey i told ya anyways!

We did have a baptism on saturday which President Puzey and Sister Puzey attended... that was a surprise for sure. They just pop up at baptisms to see whats going on in the mission. they have a list of places that have baptisms and they just go to ones they think they can make it to on time. Yeah, everyone thought they were the couple missionaries and they thought that they had to speak english and were very scared... hahahaha i told them no, he is our mission president and you do not have to speak english to him that is my job... that was a task and a half! to me, my english is good but we have a new sister who is in our district and sometimes she gives me a face that is like she doesnt understand my english which might be true... hahaha yeah she is from utah and she doesnt speak tagalog or understand it very well either... Her english is very good! hahaha

We have one baptism on this saturday as well, then our investigator pool is like down to 3 and we are starting to go hunting in some new areas

Transfers are coming up and we think that Elder Latu is getting the boot and the feeling of me becoming a trainer might happen... so how about we all pray and not let that happen!! I really do not think i should have that big of a responsibility of trainer... Plus i want 6 months here in victoria... this is one sweet area! If you train, you are like doomed to only have 1 transfer. after wards, if you're lucky, 2 transfers with your trainee. Well thats about all that is going on around here, I am alive. surprisingly me and Elder Latu havent offended anyone with our foreigner ways! hahaha Sometimes Filippinos dont understand sarcasm and i think sometimes Elder Latu is more sarcastic than me! hahaha Well thats it for this week on.... The Mission of Elder Grow in The Angeles Philippines Mission... Tune in Next week for maybe just maybe some excitement! hahaha love ya!

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