Monday, September 13, 2010

The Victoria Ward

Okay so i am in the Victoria Ward. There is only one ward here and we are the 8:30am time slot. Yeah we have an average attendance of 140 people. People attend their classes and actually fulfill their callings. They have activities more regularly than most wards and branches here. They understand what their roles are when it comes to investigators at church. As for referrals we are working on that. If we ask, we might get one, or they will be like-- yeah maybe, but they live far away, i will ask them. so its like yeah i have this referral but i am not going to give you the information. hahaha. Most Wards and Branches have a Young Single Adult Class here rather than another ward. Mainly because there arent enough to make a ward. They are rather active in the church and are basically the ward missionaries as well. We have a lot of High Priests in this ward surprisingly, so when they split there are only like 7 elders including us. I need to explain to the Bishop that when you have a functioning ward to call on members to be speakers! Yeah i was a concluding speaker yesterday and Elder Latu has given a talk at least 4 or 5 times since he has been here. I think its time to tell him about Youth Speakers. hahahaha Anyways this area is prettttyy sweet. Me and Elder Latu are having a blast. I am trying to convince him to hook me up with one of the skirt things that Missionaries in Tonga Wear and to teach me "The Haka." At Zone Conference all the Polynesians gather at one table and yeah they are all like, "Elder Grow is Polynesian and will sit with us". Elder Wihongi-Ritchie was like "ya bro, he is Maori" (that is really how he talks just imagine a thick aussie accent) hahaha Elder Arona was in my first zone when i arrived and he is Samoan-- he was like, "No! my boy is Samoan!" (also with an aussie accent) Then Elder Latu came in with one of the only english sayings he knows how to speak clearly-- "no That's my baby!!" hahahahaha Yeah Zone Conference was way fun! Anyways we had a baptism on saturday. he is going to be a really solid member to the church. we also have 2 more on the 25th of september and if the husband of a recent convert will continue to stop smoking he is on week 2 then he will be ready (on oct 2nd i think) for baptism. Yeah the work here is going good having fun and just getting to it! So yeah thats about it for an update with whats going on here! =D

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