Monday, October 4, 2010

The Pancake House

I am not getting transferred and i am not Training! YES! .....but..... sadly Elder Latu is heading out....

so i ate at this Pancake House place here... its a restaurant but its like a really nice restaurant about the closest thing to feeling like you are back in the US hahaha. I said hey its my birthday next week and they say they have american meat here.. I will go all american stereotype here and order this burger and a root beer float! hahaha yeah it was over priced thats for sure but it was very tasty! i do not have any regrets! hahaha it cost me about 10 bucks for it all. Then after we left it clicked that hey we are still in the Philippines! Even though we were all speaking tagalog... except for the waitress for some reason if we said something in tagalog she would repeat it in english... hahaha

We had a baptism on saturday and there will be at least one for sure this transfer with our new investigator. He is a golden investigator and we have only taught him twice and he has commited to live the Word of Wisdom without a single problem. He even shared his testimony to us about the book of mormon... we have only taught directly to him 3 or 4 times. his cousins just recently got baptized and he would always excuse himself from the room but secretly listen to our lesson from the other room. Regarding the new Urbaneta Temple: The members i dont think know and i was just told earlier about it. It is in our mission boundries actually. So yeah i wish me and Elder Latu can go one more transfer because our work is just cooking up a storm over here! But he has received a calling to be a district leader and that is going to force him to speak english in District meetings! His trainer is our zone leader right now and he recommended him to be a District leader which he does not want at all, but he shouldnt have any problems with the step up he is awesome! Anyways yeah thats about all i gots for an update!

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