Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18 2010

sooo last week me and my batch (that means those who are going home or came to the mission at the same time) were talking about the date when we will come home because we received a card signed by President Monson with the date we will be finished with our mission. we looked at the calender and discovered our transfer date will be the week of Oct 19th 2011. so yeah we will all get an extra week in the mission! hahaha yeah that was the cool fact we found out. we will probably leave like on the 18th.Elder Latu should get home in tonga on the 19th but for me i will arrive on the same day again, the morning of the 18th.

nope never got a chance to see conference! but thats okay... Yesterday i found a monkey at a house we were oym'ing and i thought it was a cat in a tree but then i was like hey a monkey! well more like... TiSH! (its a noise you make here to get people's attention) UNGOY! Its pretty rare to see a monkey here so we were all amazed by it... but i know that kind of monkey and its a horrible nasty type... Deo (he is the one that gets scared easily) is from manila so he is a city boy and was like where? he should wear glasses all the time but chooses not to. so he was walking really close to it and then i was like wait, stop. then the monkey started to freak out ( it is on a small chain) and started to bite its hand and jump up and down... i instructed Deo to walk away from the monkey cause he might start flinging poop at him... although i would have fully and completely enjoyed that... but i did not have my camera so it would have not been so great.... next time! hahahaha yeah that was a sweet day yesterday we have a good contact and found a monkey! he is rather big too! But i know its like an EVIL monkey!

Yeah so we should be having a baptism again on oct 29 so that is good. We are out finding [investigators] and we have received some new referrals. and some people [who know our] investigators are asking them questions and asking for a Book of Mormon so hopefully they will ask to have us come teach. Anyways I do not like having a companion that is new to the mission but has been out just enough to think he doesnt need to learn anything more [about how to] teach... so yeah he is annoying me a little when it comes to teaching, but other than that, he is really fun to be with. we are always laughing and joking but man... he needs to learn to teach. But really other than that all is good! we are pretty similar actually ........ he is always joking and laughing and basically messing with Deo and then i scared elder gregorio. And we are very nice to deo and he knows its all fun and games i think he is starting to not become so startled by things now, at least he has stopped using the Lord's name in vain and swearing when he freaks out! hahaha

yep i am heading out! love ya!

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