Monday, October 25, 2010

The Victoria Ward

Well this week is great, boy do I just love Victoria! We get these new investigators that just kind of pop up out of nowhere, especially when we are struggling at finding a solid investigator. We have two new investigators, Sherwin and Angie. Sherwin is a cousin to our recent convert and Angie is a friend to them. We had just started to teach their nephew who is a part member family and we had made an agreement with him to come to church 4 times consecutively before we start to teach him. He had come 4 times in a row and asked us to teach him. His name is John Palolo, he is 9 years old and really wants to be baptized. We had taught him the first lesson one day and then Sherwin had come to church. They suggested that we teach him with John. After we taught to them they invited their friend Angie to come and listen. Angie did not really want to come. she was very hesitant during the lesson, but she was taking those first steps into new territory. Angie did not come to church this last Sunday, but when we asked her why she said she was sick. She did however read, she actually read a lot! So we were very proud that she did take the time to read. Teaching to them is a little chaotic at times but the whole time they are trying their hardest to focus and be active in the lessons. but towards the end of lessons after disturbances have ceased, right there at the end, everything just calms down and we get to review shortly, testify, ask follow up questions about the lesson and give commitments to them. We have also found one family where their daughter is the only member in the church and her mother really wants to be a member but her husband just never received his answer, when the missionaries had taught him before. He had read the Book of Mormon, all of it as he says, and prayed and waited for that feeling that this is all true. He had said that he believes in all of the things we say and he has read and I explained that we can’t receive answers for things that we already know. We definitely saw something kind of click with him then. We gave them a baptismal goal date and encouraged them to prepare themselves to come to church on Sunday. There was no hesitation in their commitment to do so. We have definitely seen the Lord’s hand in the work especially when we were down and struggling. We also will have a Baptism on the 29th of October at 3:30pm for J-Mark, which will be very exciting. he is ready for his baptism! Yeah so our work here in Victoria is awesome no complaints really! Elder Grow doing some Harvesting!
Regarding Typhoon Juan, October 18:

surprisingly the weather people are very accurate here they know like the hours of the storm! they were like 6pm we will have a storm and sure enough like 620 we had a storm! it wasnt anything horrible it was just like a bad rain storm back at home, nothing scary. The normal path we take was flooded tho and what i thought was shallow... happened to be very deep. so yeah i used the boots which was a HORRIBLE IDEA so i had water in my shoes for a good while! hahahaha but other than that it was weeak! and i forgot to close some windows and our desks got wet but they dried off in like 3 hours so nothing was damaged. seriously i was disappointed. i expected some fallen down trees or something like back at home... but no..

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