Monday, November 1, 2010


"Me and Elder Latu posing as we wait for someone to open the gate to the church"
Sep 5, 201
"Simbahan natin.... wow i just wrote tagalog... Thats our Church"
Sep 5, 2010
"Posing for the camera"
September 17, 2010
"Coming back from zone activity"
Sep 20, 2010
"This is Deo. He was in a Seminary for 3 years to be a priest... NOT ANYMORE! hahaha he got baptized... sometimes he preaches when he is asked to share his testimony"
Sep 25, 2010
"I caught a baby goat"
Sep 26, 2010
"remember Deo yeah well he still had his seminarian outfit... we asked to borrow it... hahaha"
Oct 16, 2010
"evil monkey! Actually not so evil.. i gave it a banana once.. i do not trust him tho!"
Oct 22, 2010
"This dog hates me.... Sometimes... not sure why but now i can at least pet him and he licks my hand."
Oct 22, 2010
This is J-Mark (his real name is Hazell) he just got baptized on saturday. also my new companion elder gregorio. (More Bars) (I believe the brownings will laugh at the more bars joke)"
October 30 2010

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