Monday, November 8, 2010

A Long Week Ahead

"i just want this next long week over with to know if i am getting transferred or not! its really going to be a long week over here this new schedule is soooooooo not cool for out 6th week in the transfer. i want to know if i am training... or becoming a zone leader or am i going to be a district leader still but in a new area or am i not getting transferred.... that is the usual thoughts that come when we are close to transfers... and especially this one cause we will only have one night to pack."

"its hot! its very hot! hahahaha weather is very weird here"

"yeah i am just not feeling like i want to write... but i do want to say i found A&W cream soda and hickory smoked bbq sauce and i will be cooking pulled pork sandwiches and will be happy! yeah so i am very anxious about that!"

"One of our investigators Angie has not been very active in our lessons and seems to want to stop listening. I feel one of the issues is that she is very shy about being asked questions during lessons. She often thinks that her answers are wrong even though we stress to her that what she says can in no possible way be wrong. When questions are asked she often just freezes up and we wait for her to answer and she will give a good almost correct response. We had a lesson that she was almost like not wanting to even be there. I felt that we needed to address this issue and talk about why we ask questions. She understood and I hope that she understands more and will want to answer questions more next time. Sherwin on the other hand is like way amazing and studies a lot. He is very active in seminary and he asks very good questions about what he would like to understand. He is scheduled to have a baptism on November 20. We also have two other people that we haven’t been able to teach but they came to church which was shocking, Mark and Kevin. Mark is an older brother to our recent converts and Kevin is the older brother of Sherwin. They both want to know why their siblings are so interested in all of this. Mark was once interested but stopped. Things in Victoria are still going strong although one of those lulls in the work is what it feels like, but to me it just means to step up and work more.

Elder Gregorio and I are doing well. Teaching is about the same. I do notice sometimes he will change certain parts in a lesson and won’t just repeat the same things over and over again. I had one lesson where I just felt I needed to be bold with a few of our not progressing investigators. I stressed at the end of the lesson on the plan of salvation that if they want to return to live with our heavenly father again they need to be baptized and find out for themselves if this is the true church. We gave a baptismal goal date to them and invited them to church and I felt that if they would come they would feel closer to the Lord and be able to receive their answers. I promised them this if they would just take the first step. They sadly did not come to church on Sunday. I know that I am at least doing my part and sharing with them what they need to do to know if this is the true church and they need to do their part.

Well I love my mission even with the ups and downs!"

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