Wednesday, November 17, 2010

8 Days A Week

nope, no transfers... we will be doing 6 more weeks here! thats the news
i saw the manual (new Church Handbook) and looked at it. the opening and closing prayer for sacrament was a new thing i did not know. Married couples should not give both prayers. i thought that was interesting

We have a baptism on saturday which i get to attend because i am still here! hahaha Too bad everyone thinks i am transferred! it will be fun to see their reactions that now i am not!

This church is true whether there is or isnt reverence in sacrament meeting! hahahaha we had a primary presentation in our ward and we had an investigator who really is scared to come to church but he ended up coming and even tho the children are not so focused it was good. but the members were so irreverent during it all [that] our investigator did not get the experience he was looking for, but it was okay. we followed up with him and explained in more detail the purpose of primary presentations. so yeah he was okay i guess.. i just hope he will come next week!

[I still have a] hole in the shoe and i'm tired cause we had 8 days of no pday! that is a long week!!!
anyways i am leaving now
bye love ya

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