Monday, January 25, 2010


so transfers came and i am staying in Jaen with Elder Pajela! we were so happy! we lost about half of our zone tho which is sad... but thats what happens! Well our Baptisms went great 2 Children of Records and 1 from a Part Member family. It was a very cool! they were confirmed on the following sunday and all went well we even had a better then normal attendence.. but we didnt have a single investigator come to church.. soo we are thinking about dropping most of our investigators and start tracting in some new areas we havent been able to go to. This week is to see if they are truly progressing. Well i am still enjoying it out here and all is well i love the members and the people! We had our first zone trip and it was really fun and lot of rock climbing and cave exploring! hahaha we had a lot of fun today even if it was tiring! We said farewell to one of our zone leaders who is heading home he has finished his mission and he is going home to an area that was opened up about a year ago in our mission hahahaha so he isnt to far away! So if anyone gets called to Tarlac you can go on splits with him hahaha We had a lot of laughs about it last night. Welll i really am loving it out here and really doing my best in the language and its improving slowly but surely it gets better each day! anyways i gots to get going! love ya all!

These computers here are really lame and my camera cant be recognized so no pics sorry!
Also i will surely hear about the packages and be prepared to pay for them. i am excited to get them!
hmmmm i dont know what else to say...

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