Monday, January 18, 2010

1 Month

Well its been a little over one month since i have been in the Philippines and we just got a nice little rain last night and this morning! Nothing, i mean there is nothing, like it being hot out and the rain is falling keeping you cooled off! hahaha! so this has been a good week we have had a good week for teaching we have found a few new investigators that are reallly progressing and a few that just weren't and just started to ask questions and finally getting really interested in and started to read more then a verse or two that we ask them to read! We have also been teaching less actives this week and have gotten a few of them back to church! that is always great to see. Getting investigators to church is harder then before now that church is at 8 am even members that were attending before just say they over slept and decided that they were late and would stay home... the ward clerk who takes care of me and elder pajela when it comes to eating ;) he is asking to move sacrament at the end of the three hour block. We feel we would get more investigators to come to church if that happens! The investigator we are really focused on is Ivy she has a baptism at the end of this week! we are all excited she is awesome we basically ran out of things to give her to read so i asked if she would start reading the BOM from the beginning one chapter a day and then we will answer questions to help her understand. She just made a face like ohhh man from the beginning, but then was like okay i can read a chapter a day! hahahaha Ivy is to be baptized on the 23rd (she almost didnt make it to church on sunday which would have pushed it back another 4 weeks.....) we only had 2 investigators and only 72 show up to sacrament... this whole 8 o clock church is really making it hard... well we have had our ups and downs, great lessons to those who are willing to listen and then when it came to finding those who wouldn't let us teach them, they would just tell us "tomorrow"... which is mainly like "no" around here! Its equal to the door slammed in your face.
Well its that time when transfers are on everyones mind... i dont want to leave Jaen and elder pajela but i dont want to be left in Jaen without him either.. Mainly me and elder pajela see eye to eye on things unless i am questioned something and then he is like "no this how we do it" then i just laugh at him and tell him "sounds good to me!" hahaha its normally when it comes to daily and weekly planning then he gets mad at me cause he doesnt know if i am serious or not hahaha! we have fun annoying each other you will always hear,"ELDER! what are you doing?" coming from our house! hahaha or him just asking me a string of Why questions which we all know i am the master at-- all thanks to Bella asking me "why?" Anyways the mission life is good and its tiring but there is nothing like coming home and going over your day talking about those you taught and what they need to hear next then going to bed and being so tired you just fall right to sleep and you wake up and its time to do it all over. The only thing i love to do more then teaching new investigators the lessons is going and sharing messages with those that are less active or members and having them testify of the things i am shared with them and then get to see them show up at church. Sigh well its that time again where i have run out of things to tell you I hope all is well with everyone! Until next week! Love ya'all!

next monday is transfers don't know about the emailing situation! so who knows when i will get to!

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