Monday, January 11, 2010

Short Week

Short Week means Short Message! sorry! okay so to start this one off with Church is at 8am.... apparently that is normal around here!! soo that made a low attendance and only one investigator came which was Ivy who is getting baptized on the 23rd and she is 9 and awesome always reads what we ask her to and is always focused in the lessons and even finishes our sentences.. well mainly mine cause i cant think of the words! hahaha anyways its getting hot summer is starting but it gets overcasty towards the end of the day and it feels GREAT! oh that humid air such a delight! (i am actually being serious about that) The work has been good we got a lot of new investigators this week that are really interested so we are looking forward to coming back to teach again! My tagalog is coming along people are always complimenting me but i think they are just being nice!! =P Oh so we were at a members house and i smelled... Linguisa.. but i was like nahhhh not possible... so we were eating at a members house and they were like Elder Grow "here is some sausage" and i was like "okay" and i was eating it and was like "this tastes like linguisa... is that possible"?? then we ate at a members cantina and she had that sausage and Elder Pajela was like "Oh sweet! Linguisa" (pronounced Lengaesa) and i stated "you mean linguisa... is that what we ate last night?" and he said yes and i was like "i thought so!" soooooooo i told him all about how we eat this at Christmas time and its amazing and that we will need to get some and he was like "oh its super cheap!" hahahaha and might i say its Dees Meat quality (maybe better) ;P hahahaha okay we need to get going back to our area it takes about an hour love ya lots stay alive dont freeze to death over there! hahaha! Talk to ya next week!

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