Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jan 3, 2010

yeah i figured they put my face on the mini casey it was funny to see! the [atm] transactions were for food cause we were assigned to bring snacks for that night [Dec 31 at the Zone Leaders house] i will probably get more money out so that we can spend a little extra on MEAT hahaha we found the butcher place and will get pork tonight! tell those that have donated money thanks! Elder Pajela is enjoying me as a companion cause i have everything he asks for in my suit case.. haha he has lost about 4 of those cheap pens you bought me! I dont let him touch the zebras!! [brand of pen] so what to send... The Gatorade powder!! Kool aid.. Ice cube tray.. i can probably get that here! acne stuff or face wash.. look at that email that i wrote down stuff on.
Yes i can print stuff out if i need to i just have to ask the people and they will charge me

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