Sunday, January 3, 2010

End of Week 2

okay so this end of week two was really good we had 11 investigators come to church! Fast & Testimony meeting was really good as well! We have a lot of new investigators that we have to follow up on as well and we have 6 people preparing to be baptized on the 23rd and 30th. I do a lot of teaching even tho i can only speak simply i try my best and aside of the giggling of the children I really try not to speak in english while teaching, because i was called to teach in tagalog and if i can only teach in tagalog so be it! hahaha i am having a lot of fun out here even tho its hot and me and elder pajela walk every where cause we save our money for food instead of spending it on trikes! hahahaha So when we are following up on investigators and just want to see how they are doing we share a simple message which means elder pajela just goes my companion elder grow will share a message with you and then i have to find something and try to explain it in tagalog... which i normally can do then elder pajela finishes it up for me. So we have this investigator Pablo Gatos he is about 65 i think and he is a leader of one of the churchs here in Jaen.. he was an investigator Elder Pajela started teaching a week before i came. He is really nice and lets us come and teach. But he just never shows progress and in our last weekly planning we felt that we should consider dropping him. So on our next visit we wanted to know how his comments were coming. And same old same old, but he had questions like "you believe Jesus was born in April right?" so i found the D&C Revelation Joseph Smith had and we introduced D&C to him and talked about how here are modern revelations from God to a prophet and he was more interested then we had seen him before. and the last time we taught he has a daughter probably about 16 and she doesnt really sit around as we teach she leaves well she came inside the first time i taught to him and she was just grabbing something and i began to bear my testimony about praying to know in tagalog and she made the comment, wait do you even speak english?? and then just listened and after i finished left. well this time me and elder pajela was telling brother gatos the importance of the book of mormon and she sat down next to him and we picked the book of mormon off his shelve which was under two other books and handed it to him and i was testifying that he has to read to know if its true or not and pray about it sincerely and he finally understood and just then his daughter just takes the book of mormon out of his hands and begins to read what we asked him to... and he said a closing prayer and just hear pages flipping as we prayed and as we left she pops out and yells "Hey Ano ang pangalan ninyo!?!" (What's your names!?!) as we told her we left and just were like okay that was different today then the other days we cant drop him and now we have his daughter to teach to, but through Brother Gatos.. it was a really cool experience that got me and elder pajela excited for the day cause it was a tough start no one was home and we were turned down by 6 people cause they were busy. Missionary life is tough but it makes it all worth it when you get experiences like that one. We also teach a girl named ivy she is 12 i believe and her mom is a member but less active so as ivy is preparing to be baptized we are getting the mom more active as well. When ever we teach ivy she just starts to finish our sentences! its awesome to teach her cause we just get to start and she finishes and we testify to her and ask her questions and she answers them right away! well thats it for this week other than the new years sooo fireworks are cheap they are big and loud and cheap so everyone owns them and we spent new years eve just hearing booms and bangs all night then at 12 the sky was BRIGHT! the big fireworks came out and we went up to the balcony and just watched them from every direction they were going off! then after 30 minutes it was boring and i went back to sleep! hahaha we also watched "Up" that night i fell asleep towards the end.. it was a funny movie up until that point! hahaha sooo i am off to get back to work! Love ya All!

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