Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey Hey

well, we got to computering today late and have to finish early so short letters today soorry!
i have been working on my letter to the president... there might not be a letter to you just maybe some pics... sorry
okay so here are pics i put some descriptions here for ya! okay well gots to go bye!

The P-Day of Rock Climbing (Sorta) and cave exploring

Baptisms - Ivy is in center, Elder Pajela on left

You Can Take The BBQ Away From The Boy… But He Will Find Another WAY!!

FHE Nights
During games if you fail or lose you get a punishment normally lipstick on the face or charcoal or ….bandaids…

Well thats whats been going on i hope you enjoyed the pics and i will continue to take more for ya and do my best sending them home!

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