Monday, February 22, 2010

2 Months

Well its been a good week this week We had a lot of really good lessons and we had one of our families come to church this time! we were so excited for them and we introduced them to members and did our best to show to them how important church is. We have been doing a lot of walking and even though its Summer now and its HOT its all worth it to see that family and the inactive families we have come back to church. That is really all that matters out here... its not about you and how tired or sick you are... you just get up, put on a white shirt and tie, grab your bag and get to work cause you have no idea what is going to happen You might run into someone that has been waiting to hear your message and they just happened to be home at the right time and felt like listening this time. That's really what i have learned out here. Missionary work isn't about you at all. You just get to introduce The Gospel to them. The Gospel just does the rest. As a Missionary you just need to learn what to teach to your investigator and in return you end up learning just as much as them. hahaha That's about it... you don't need a name tag that reminds you who you are every day because as Members of the Church you have the name of Jesus Christ imprinted on your heart and you can choose if you are going to let the name be shown on the outside with your actions or the inside. That is something me and Elder Pajela have taught to our ward here about missionary work and how all members of the church are and should be missionaries. That reminded me of Elder Costa's talk about being a missionary everyday of his life now and how he talks to everyone about the church and he just asks after introducing himself (as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and saying "Are you a member?" they reply "No" and he just asks "Well Why not?" hahaha soo simple yet so hard to do. Unless you have a name tag ;) hahaha well sorry if that all sounded preachy but thats really about it this week nothing crazy happened... oh wait Elder Pajela thought a BIG dog was going to bite him and he started to swing his back pack at it and well the dog was just going to sniff him but after the back pack swinging the dog was going to bite him... i just laughed at him and kept walking hahahaha the dog eventually just ran away... hahahahaha oh the joy of random dogs barking at you and following you! hahahaha well love ya all! hope you are all staying alive!

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