Monday, February 8, 2010


So i am glad you liked the pictures! well we went back to that place for p day so the pics are the same just different elders! hahaha well nothing really new has happened... just been teaching and watching our investigators not go to church! grrr but thats just how it goes i guess! You can bring the horse to the water but you can't force him to drink! Me and Elder Pajela are still having fun annoying each other and i have just been working on learning and teaching in the language. I should probably talk a lot more to elder pajela in tagalog... people are starting to say he sounds american a lot more then he ever has! hahahaha yeah his english has gotten a lot better! I still have to proof read his letter to the mission president for all the bad grammar mistakes that for some reason Word doesnt think is wrong! hahaha but who knows if i am even right cause if it sounds right to me, then its good enough! hahahaha =P soo its getting reallllly hot in the day but reallllly cold at night! sooo a lot of sweating has been going on and a lot of "WOW Mainit Talaga!" being said! ("Wow it's really hot") so yeah, i am a live, i am healthy and i love to eat ice cream! hahahaha that is really one of the great pleasures... i have really enjoyed coming home and being all hot and eating a big bowl of ice cream! hahaha well thats about all i gots for you Oh, Elder Pajela thought he was going to get eaten by a dog the other day and freaked out and scared the dog... then the dog was really going to bite him cause he was swingin his back pack at it! hahahaha oh i just kept walking laughing at him! hahahaha well i hope everyone is having a good time in the states! love ya!

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