Monday, February 15, 2010


yeah sooo i really dont have much to say... last week was rather dull and unexciting just work work work so if you have questions to ask that would be helpful in writing =P

How is Ivy doing? Is her family members? Do you have any investigators that seem serious?

Ivy's mom is less active and Ivy comes to church and been reading the book of mormon from the beginning one chapter a day. she is the oldest in her family too. We have investigators who ask a lot of questions that we answer but wont come to church because its too early yet they continue to read and listen. we have one investigator that was a previous investigator a year ago and she is 30-32 i think and has 3 kids and her mom is listening and even made her friends come listen to us who have families of their own one of them after listening to us teach Aye Montepolka (the previous investigator) about the BOM and praying to know, said to us that she is 53 years old and never ever let or wanted to hear what the missionaries had to say to her.. but now she wants to hear. so we teach them all together the Nanay's we call them which means Mom's so the three Mom's are all friends and we teach them all together because one its fun they have some of the funnest questions and comments and two because they are all close friends and will encourage each other to go to church and such ( gots to love peer pressure ) yeah so thats really our main investigator because the others are not taking that step of sacrificing their time to go to church. There has been a lot of changes in teaching around here as well and how to be more effective we have been changing up the way the mission field works here in the Angeles Mission. So we are still working out the kinks and what not how to manage time and teach to people. And focusing on Less Actives. Which is the main thing here in Jaen because there are 609 members in our ward 331 member households (but the records are messed up i noticed and need to be fixed soo probably about 250 member households) and yet 82 average attendance in sacrament and we counted the most active members on our fingers last night.. we came up with 11 active families... We have been focusing on activating less actives and we had a lot come yesterday even one we stopped teaching for the last 3 weeks and he is an RM and used to be a ward missionary he came to church we asked him to come work with us and come to PEC meeting and Coordination meeting and he came back later and shaved and cleaned up and worked with us and really had fun with us and started to ask us to come teach his family. so yeah thats about the highlights of the week!

Was Sacrament Meeting switched to the end of the 3 hour block? Also, did you buy a watch?

nope we still have 8am and its really not helping anyone...
and nope no watch we dont really use it cause we have such a set schedule that it doesnt matter its not like we are going to skip teaching someone if we are late we still stop by cause we have to walk by their house hahaha

the juices are getting used up fast! oh the slushy things dont really work... hahaha but thats fine i just like the juice and kool aids and the gatorade was gone in 3 days.... =D
Can you buy the juices there?

not really sure... we dont have real supermarkets and the juices around here are like Mango weird fruit things or Tang
but i have plenty [of] kool aid even tho the ones [powdered juices] in the tube are WAY good and no sugar - i was shocked! well only the cherry and fruit punch is what i like

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