Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy Week

yeah so this week has been busy we have been working hard but this week was graduation week and so a lot of investigators were not home and its coming close to holy week so its pretty crazy around here.... a lot of idol worshipping going on... i would love to tell you in detail but it would end up just coming out really bad cause its rather ridiculous the things we have seen already so yeah anyways me and elder manguiat are working together better now and starting to get work done! yay for us i mean we were doing work just not so good. so yeah anyways having the same old same old fun! well i gots to get going i am designing zone shorts for our zone yeah you can make just about anything you want here and its pretty cheap! its rather fun to think of all the things you could make... but dont have the time to do it! well back to work i go! love ya all!

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