Monday, April 5, 2010

Hard Week

Question: Do you get to see conference or do you have to wait for the Ensign?

i get to see it this saturday and sunday most likely in tagalog so that will be interesting They do this amazing thing called translators... thats why its a week late... =P then i will get the ensign next month

Well I have been feeling tired, worn out from the 30 minute walk to one appointment then the 40 minute walk to the next. Also i walk through a Corn Field that is rather random never thought i would have to do that. Anyways so I have been feeling a little discouraged lately and having troubles. I have just felt very depressed, because we have great investigators but the lessons haven’t seemed to help get that spark going. I just keep trying to think of something to share, a personal experience or something to help them feel that strong Spirit, but I just fall short I guess. It’s been very hard and I was having a lot of troubles towards the end of the week and just prayed and fasted that Sunday for strength and for my investigators to feel the Spirit to understand that feeling. It came on that Sunday night we weren’t having any real good success but we went to an old investigator and wanted to share the Finding Faith in Christ DVD, but their DVD player just broke recently. So we decided to share. I couldn’t think of anything to share and just looked up at her and in that moment some of my personal study had come back to me. I had been studying all the events in the Bible of the Atonement and Luke 22:40-46 my favorite passage about the Garden of Gethsemane and so I shared about it. I shared my thoughts about how at times when I think of my life being so hard and difficult and want to just give up, that I need to think of this moment when Jesus Christ asked Heavenly Father if there was another way please do it, if not then I will do it. The Spirit came so strong at that moment and tears just filled her eyes and she started to share about her personal experience and how she has felt that the Spirit of God keeps knocking on her door but she just is not answering. I shared with her about Jesus Christ and how so many people did not accept him for who he really was but he always kept accepting them. I told her God will not give up on you and you will finally answer that door. That was just what I needed, it really brought my Spirits back up. I realized that Heavenly Father is answering my prayers, that He is giving me that support I ask for, I just need to do a better job at looking for His support. I have also lessened my disliking of the Bible and started to study it more now. I take one of the Events of Jesus Christ's Ministry and Read all the Accounts of it and gain a big picture of it. it has been a good experience and a confusing one as well.. i tried this whole reading Joseph Smith Translation but i dont understand that... i will just go back to the reading the Bible Dictionary when i am finished! hahahaha anyways love ya all hope that you are staying alive out there! I wonder what Coldness feels like cause its only like 75 here at night and that feels cold but its not really. hahaha

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