Monday, April 12, 2010

Comments on General Conference:
...the members don’t like [ to watch conference in] Tagalog because they can’t feel the Spirit from the translators, so they had it in English and Tagalog in the RS Room. Yeah it was about the Best Conference I have seen, very powerful. Loved Elder Holland’s talk mainly cause he can be so bold and firm in his Speaking and yet say jokes.

Regarding Food:
...i buy a lot of random food from these things called Tindahans which are like windows [through which] people sell food from their houses. so i buy things and then i am like ew... this is not good... then some kids are walking by and speak really bad english and i just tell them to come here and give them the nasty food.. hahahah i give a lot of food away! hahaha

About discouragement:
around here you kinda need to feel depressed and discouraged but if you let it destroy you then you lose, but if you let it strengthen you then you become stronger and better. So trust me i never have wanted to go home but i have wanted to go to a new area which i should be doing next week even thought i will miss this area i just want to see what the next challenges are.

Is Elder Grow’s Tagalog improving?
yes my companion says i am and i talk to our Nanay if she is washing our clothes outside and we are home i go out and talk to her so yeah i can function here

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