Monday, April 26, 2010

Transfer to Guimba

Okay, so yeah, i have 2 companions! and i am not counting the Holy Ghost! hahaha yeah i am back to the Threesome again! we are all co-seniors and Elder Wihongi-Ritchie is a Maori (from New Zealand, of course) and he is our District leader and the other is Elder Castro. Yeah, um, they are awesome missionaries and i have enjoyed this transfer. my area is a small unorganized branch. the area is Guimba. Elder Latu [Elder Grow's companion at the MTC] is in the same zone but in the other district. the area is HUGE, but our working area [although] big is smaller, wayyyy smaller than Jaen! everything is going good here, just trying to adjust to the new people and accents... and oh, this is an ilokano [dialect] area, but everyone knows tagalog also. so, yeah, new dialect and all. Well, that's about it for the new area. i will get a picture next week of me and my Companions!

oh, our house is HUGE! ...the only down side is our house is always really reallllllly hot!

english is getting harder... [my Tagalog] is fine but it should be really good after this transfer cause i don't get to speak english ...I haven't spoken english in like 2 weeks!!!! mainly cause Elder Wihongi-Ritchie speaks Maori and his english is just as bad as the Filipino's and Elder Castro doesn't speak english but knows words, so yeah it [english] is pointless

oh, I have been reading "Teaching, No Greater Call"... wow i fell in love with it. if you haven't been reading it lately, READ it. read Finding Lessons Everywhere [correct title: "Looking for Lessons Everywhere" in Part A, article 10, page 22] the story about the Garden was great! it has REALLLY improved my teaching and i teach complete with the Spirit. i don't even think of what to say, i just kinda go blank and words tumble from my mouth and its reallllllly an amazing experience.
...I learned from the story [L. Tom Perry General Conference April 3, 2010, Saturday Afternoon "Mothers Teaching Children In The World"] about the Apostle's mom who prepared HUGE LESSONS for Relief Society but would shorten them up for her class. but the things that she left out of her lesson, she taught parts of them to him. And after she passed away, many many many years later he was going through alll her notes and remembered the lessons and STILL learned from them. So yes, if you don't prepare your lessons thoughtfully then your lesson won't have any thought behind it.. it will just be another boring old lesson from the manual.

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