Monday, March 15, 2010

New Companion

well Elder Pajela is now in Angeles City and i feel sorry for him cause that is a really hard area for teaching! Normally big cities are really hard... people aren't as friendly as they are out in the townish areas. My new companion is Elder Manguiat [Filipino] and he has been out on his mission for 10 months he is also a new convert since 2006 so he is always studying the Gospel Principles. We have been helping out our new Bishop who is awesome he is really trying to change the ward and make it great! We also have a new investigator who attended church after one week of teaching her. She was a referral from our old bishop and we have had our other investigators attend church this week. It's nice to see Progression from Jaen! I have also been having fun talking to members now that Elder Pajela is gone that talk to me cause Elder Pajela is super talkitive and did all the talking with members so its been fun to talk to them and joke around. And because of my BRT (Building Relationship Trust) with our Nanay who washes our clothes, she buys us 1kilo of Mangos for 25 pesos so we normally get 4 kilos and wow they are huge and tasty! hahaha I have eaten Balot and its not bad i dont know if i told you that last week but here is a picture. well gots to go love ya!

[Regarding the last photo sent of zone meeting] they were piled on me cause I slid into them and messed up the picture! Hahaha there was a lot of ELDER GROW!! Then GET HIM!

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