Monday, March 22, 2010

Met Elder Ko

so whats up? everyone is grossed out about the balot? we just had a bunch of them today but its not my favorite so i didnt eat it. they were 18 days old so they were a little more gross. i think mine was like 5 days old so its not as bad.

so yeah, nothing really big happened this week- just had zone conference and met Elder Ko. He picked on me during the zone conference and made me stand and read and asked me questions but yeah it was really cool to meet him. also, work has been tough. we have about a 30 minute walk from one area to another so i am pretty much tired at the end of the day. also the work has been tough cause we are always behind schedule now and trying to play catch up so that we can teach all our lessons that day. cause we only have certain times of the day to teach them or they will not be home, or it will be too dark and some of them don't have good lighting so its hard to teach or they are just too shy to let us teach cause its dark. so we just work on walking fast and teaching and hoping we can leave in 30 minutes. The weather is really weird- one day its way hot out then the next its over cast and warm but with a POWERFUL wind! hahaha yeah but i love it when it rains it feels so good when its hot out!
well really nothing else to tell ya. doesnt look like any baptized this transfer but [later] there might be 3 in this area cause we had to push back dates because they missed church because they couldnt get to church. 8 o clock church- what a stupid stupid thing..... anyways love ya lots and hope i will get some more pics of something cool to send!

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