Monday, March 8, 2010


we havent had time to teach the nanays [see blog entry Feb 15] because we gained some new investigators and the nanays can only be taught late at night and it takes us awhile to get home so we had to just drop them... and i am staying in Jaen and Elder Pajela is going... so thursday we get to find out who my new companion is. I dont feel any earthquakes but we have had a lot of power outages but thats just because they were replacing power line poles i believe. yep we get the ensign every month... well i dont have time this week [to write] because we had to go to Gapan and get our transfer announcement and use the computer shop here and stood around for 2 hours waiting.... i hate this computer shop! well anyways love ya and i need to write president and leave in like 10 minutes....... :(

Gapan is in the center area of the map. With traffic and waiting for jeepnees, Gapan is about 30-40 minutes away from Jaen.

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