Monday, January 3, 2011


I am in the Bongabon zone... in the Kalikid branch (although it should be a ward probably) its interesting... a lot of 'bukid' or farm land... but we work in like little subdivisions... so it feels like i am in places back in sacramento... these people are pretty well off.. there are a lot of car owners here =D hahaha we are just one jeepnee ride from the central city of cabanatuan. we have two malls. this is the area where i first ate at a pizza hut and that will probably happen again! haha

my new companion is Elder Timbas he is extremely nice... he was the companion of Elder Gregorio in the MTC and they are as different as night and day hahahaha elder timbas is a quiet kid who asks a lot of doctrinal questions... so no jokes or pranks probably

Christmas was just another day. New Years we could not leave our house so i really got bored with reading (although i am reading the Great Apostasy by Talmage) I just couldnt take anymore and Elder Timbas is just a unique and curious kid so he had a whole lot of little things to do to keep him entertained..... while i slept.... hahahaha

still new around here and trying to get my bearings straight! next week [the blog] will be more interesting! and [I'll send] pictures because this computer shop is cool and doesnt ask to scan things and bug me about attaching my camera!

its kinda of cold here... oh i have aircon in my new house my new house is WAY TINY but it has air con and a broken water heater for the shower.. i could probably fix it... oh the sad thing is... that because it is cold here.. i have no need for this air con! hahahaha oh the irony!

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