Monday, December 20, 2010

Restless Week

This week has been rather a restless week! I am not sure if I was just having a hard time getting a good nights rest this week because of maybe a sickness or if just thinking A LOT about concerns and situations of our investigators and our area. Trying to find investigators is just not working for us. We can’t get return appointments or we have conflicting schedules that we can not make it to their houses. There were two very uplifting things: The Domingo family came to Church on Sunday even though they might not be baptized anytime soon because of their situation they are specifically in right now. They have committed to continue to come to Church and wait until they can be baptized. Also Nanay Lydia actually committed to a Specific Date for baptism! So we are very excited about that and as she will continue reading, praying and going to Church, she will for sure be ready to make that special Covenant to Heaven Father through Baptism. I read in Mosiah Chapter 18 which I shared with Nanay about a part of the Covenant we make with Heavenly Father when we are Baptized, which talked a lot about becoming one people (or a Zion people). I used the same question Alma asked to the people to Nanay and she shared how she would love those blessings and Covenant to God. We talked a little more and Extended a Date to her. She was a little hesitant because she was worried about not being Worthy and we talked about how all you need is a desire to want to change then afterwards make that change. We talked about a new life as being part of Christ’s Sheep and how after baptism you will receive that new life to start over. She finally agreed that Jan. 15 will be her date. We told her to pray about this date and if it feels right then that is your answer and that this is your time to Prepare. She was very happy after we ended our lesson with her which was great to see. On Sunday I felt just a huge weight upon my shoulders not really sure why maybe exhaustion or maybe just the weight of the missionary work on my shoulders. Later I was asked to share a lesson in Gospel Essentials. I liked the talk that was given earlier about Talents and based our lesson about Talents, Weaknesses, and Blessings. We talked about how we all have talents, God Given Talents, which we should use in our lives; we also have weaknesses in our lives. We talked about how our Weaknesses can strengthen our Talents or how we can make our Weaknesses turn into a talent and making it a Strength and Grow from them. I asked a question to the Class about Weaknesses, “Weaknesses… If God gives us Weaknesses, are they a Trial or a Blessing?” The Class had a split decision between the two. We came to that decision that after we overcome the trial of our weaknesses we receive blessings from the Lord. We talked about how our Faith will grow and we will increase in eternal progression. We came back to Talents for our close about how we should always share and use our talents because they will be strengthen and become better and help others as well. That is the purpose of why the Lord has given them to us. Every missionary has talents that have appeared here in the mission that they might not have known they had. They should not bury their talents, or hide them and not share them. I know that I have seen talents appear since I have been out here and how I can use them afterwards and I am grateful for that. I do not want to lose them or hide them that is for sure! Anyways I love this work even when it just gets tough and tiring, but nothing like asking the Lord for help and receiving that Comfort! Anyways love it here for the most part! hahahaha oh I ate DOG adobo style... IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!! I have heard that Cat Adobo is apparently way better! soooo Duck (Check), Balot (Check), Frog (Check), Dog (Check), Snake ( ), Rat ( ), Cat ( ), Bat ( ) not sure if i am wanting to eat bat yet... anyways Love ya all

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