Monday, January 24, 2011

Shoes & Dr. Pepper

yeah i totally left my boots and other shoes in my last area... gave the other pair that i never used to a recent convert... they were not COMFORTABLE for walking! but its okay. [Regarding the shoe shine kit and Shoe Goop was sent in Christmas package] the shoe shine.... it was dry... ahahah but the SHOE GOOP is AWESOME! love that stuff. yeah i have one pair of shoes but they will last. they have like a new sole so they are good! [How did he use the Shoe Goop?] i had a hole on the side of the shoe... i used it for that! and i fixed my companions shoes... he had no reaction

I got these pics from the new elder in the mission he is just all full of naivety and excitement! which makes me laugh and yeah so i am just doing the work, getting stuff done! Totally used the air con in our room the other day... it was FREEZING in our room! that was awesome! anyways we might have a baptism in 2 weeks that will be nice so we are excited about that... well i am excited.. my companion i think has zero hope for people and just thinks the worse in all things! he is weird... but hey it is part of the mission life! anyways that is about all the excitement right now. a whole lot of walking is what we do!! Well thanks for all the love and hopefully i will have some nice long letter next week! love ya all!

i totally drank a dr pepper like 3 weeks ago!! it was a 7.5oz can of DELICIOUSNESS! that is the size of their drinks around here... it was just a normal dr pepper... but it tasted so good! it was the last can in the gas station

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