Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kalikid - Bongabon

Bongabon is nice, no complaints here! seriously we do not use the AC sadly! But the little tiny water heater for the shower works and is amazing!! Shoe goop gets used all the time! my shoe i think will just have a layer of shoe goop protecting the outside because i love that stuff! hahaha... I am in the process of finding shaving cream.. the soap mug is empty... hahaha

transfers are going on and i am going to be training a Short Term Missionary... so, just excited for the new changes! Elder Timbas is transferred it will just be me and Brother Garcia.

Anyways life in Kalikid is going good. Members are awesome and we are always having good laughs. I love the RM's we have here. Talking to them and listening to stories about crazy experiences they have had on their missions is always great! We will also have a baptism on Saturday and that will be nice to have. We will be working on finding some new investigators and helping some of the new ones we are teaching find their answers and prepare to be baptized. Well i will be having a child here in the mission.. but its more of a premortal existence child. I will be taking an intelligence and giving him a spiritual body! hahaha I will be training a Short Term Missionary as he wants to receive his mission call. So it will be me and Brother Garcia. This shall be fun! =D Well I really do not know what else i need to inform you all on! I am like hungry all the time... could this be a sign that i have a stomach dragon?? hahahaha Actually its just normal for me to be hungry all the time! Anyways all is well in the Philippines except it is getting Hot! Maybe i will have to use that A/C after all ;) hahaha Thank you for the love and support!!

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