Monday, June 7, 2010

The Lady Next Door

we are in the fall season now so its raining and a lot of that. Yes we miss Elder Wihongi-Ritchie around here but we are getting over it and just gettting down to business. Apparently if Elder Castro gets wet he melts or something. he really hates the rain! hahaha i am like "its just sprinkling lets go.." he complains and doesnt want to go out or leave the house we are at until it has stopped. I just call him a girl and everyone laughs at him and then we sit and talk to the people. so yeah we have found some new families we have been teaching. we also have one of our investigators who wants to get baptized but has some issues she needs to work on before she can be baptized. She goes to church all the time though. So we are just patiently waiting. um yeah thats about all thats new around here. Elder Castro and I are just dealing with the problems of the area around here and we have had success with a lot of Less actives around here which is good. We just want to get this area strong again. Oh we have a dead old lady outside our house for the last 3 days here. So when we walk out our front door... there is the body. hahahahaha i am just going to leave it at that to make you all interested! hahaha anyways i am alive and breathing! I hope you are all as well! love ya!

What are you reading besides your scriptures?
What made you happy this week?

um i have been reading old conference talks from old liahona's in our house.
what made me happy?.... um, not sure. i am pretty much always happy around here =D

the owner of our house lives like right next to us and when you walk out our front door, her house steps are right there. Her mom died (85) and here the culture is to put the body in a casket with a glass top like snow white and then party for a week. so there are a lot of people always outside our house and we have to walk between them all. they are playing cards and just laughing and having a good time.

yep i am leaving (the computer place) now.
i am tired of all the children bumping into me!
so love ya!

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