Monday, June 14, 2010

i really dont have anything! this week has not been the greatest... i caught a sinus infection.. and just staying busy with work! um actually i do have something to tell! The dedication of the Cebu Temple was on sunday! it was a nice Dedication. President Monson had a lot of jokes when it came to sealing the corner stone! as they were finishing he was walking by the piano they had outside for the choir and he said "hey is this a piano? how about if I tickle the ivories for you'all?" so he played the piano for everyone and even tho it was not great it was funny... he played an old saloon style melody. Afterwards he told everyone about how his mother told him the only disappointment she had with him was that he didnt stay with the piano! He then said "I wish i had. It's a beautiful instrument." He then returned to conclude with a talk and the Prayer. In his talk and at the Corner stone he talked about how he is so very grateful for all the Filipinos who gave there lives in WW2 for the Americans. When he talked about it in his talk he had such a look of sadness for all of them that had died. He stressed that the people need to do their temple work for all of them because they have been waiting. He shared about the importance of the work and then concluded with the Prayer. It was a great spiritual experience and then later that night we had an awesome thunder storm! I even caught a picture of some lightning! Its like my favorite part of the nights around here and a regular occurrence! well thats about all i have for ya to share oh maybe i will tell about the old dead lady...well she is gone now. and thats all i have to share! hahahaha! love ya lots

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