Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Hello

Well there is not much new stuff to tell you. We had an awesome thunderstorm the other night! It was directly overhead and VERY LOUD! i did not get to see any lightning hit the ground though... but it sure did sound like it struck near by! but there were no fires or anything i dont even think it struck anywhere nearby! The other elders said they saw it strike and hit the ground when they were walking back from an appointment nearby them! I was very jealous... Well we have a baptism on July 3 and we have solved many situations we seemed to keep having with having her be a candidate for baptism. Mainly we needed the signature of parents. She lives at a friends house so that she can go to school. So we got the permission and so everything should be fine. She wants to be baptized and secretly i think she wants to teach in primary!!! WHO WOULD WANT THAT!?! ;) hahaha that goes out to everyone who is teaching in primary right now. Just imagine a primary that doesnt have the formal setup of primary, and kids that actually can climb exactly like monkeys!! its basically like nursery but with all age groups! hahahaha its very chaotic! Anyways so yeah we are just doing the same old same old. Trying to find people to teach, trying to get those we are teaching to come to church, and trying to get the inactives to stop attending different churches! hahahha even though most of them live right next to the Chapel and the other church they are going to is across the street from the Chapel! hahahaha anyways all is well here i am alive and having fun! love ya all!

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