Monday, August 29, 2011

Rain, Rubber Boots & Pizza Hut

Yes it has been rainy but its not bad or anything. There was some strong winds but nothing serious. Yeah this typhoon [Nanmadol] is way strong but it does not effect us. and if so we all have 72 hour kits we had to make and so if i was stuck in my house, we would survive. so no need to worry

my shoes are still usable but i do not use them because they are just CRAPPY looking! so i found a pair of rubber boots and then cut about a fourth off from them and put flip flops that are nice and soft inside them to make them comfortable. I wear them everyday and never have wet feet! and they look cool!

Got my flight plans last week so that is cool to know but whatever. its a holiday here (National Heroes Day) for like 3 days. We just went to the Mall earlier and it was just packed with people... wayyyy fun! Ate pizza hut. we have a new investigator we just met and he came to church... nice guy! thats what we have been doing in short

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