Monday, August 15, 2011

A Hike

well we went on a hike.................. I WALK ALL DAY........... I hated every moment of this stupid hike.. and now i have marchers foot... my feet feel really heavy.. so yeah.. it was planned and then all the plans failed and then when we left it was already noon and........ just not how i like to spend my p day's so yeah thats about it......
oh we have been told we cant really talk about investigators specifically when we email home because people are posting blogs and are not taking out names and things (world wide problem) so we cant tell you names of investigators or talk about their concerns.. so yeah our emails are pretty much vague and pointless now! hahaha but every area got DVD players to study PMG DVD's for personal and companionship study that was cool. We will all get cellphones soon so that is a nice help with communicating with other missionaries which is HORRIBLE! Today would not have been so bad if we had cell phones

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