Monday, October 10, 2011

The Best 2 Years For My Life

Regarding Elder Matthew O. Richardson's conference talk during which he referred to his mission as "the best two years for my life"]

I did notice the phrase that the president of sunday school used 'The best two years for my life'.  In our district meeting that is what i bore my testimony on. And that is what paul had shared with me before i left. Trust me i would not consider this to be the best two years of my life. I feel i have had better moments, but everything i have done here is unforgettable and helped me learn and grow so that makes it the best two years for my life. I honestly have learned more in the Gospel then i could have anywhere else. I learned teaching skills that will be used my whole life afterwards. I have definitely learned to be more Christ like then i actually thought i could be, Especially in these last weeks.

So this is my last week i get to be a Full Time Missionary but i know it will not be the last time i do missionary work, and even so i know i have work to do. We will celebrate {my birthday] when i get back. Thanks for the birthday wishes and all the support everyone has given me along this journey. I thank those who helped in ways that were not necessary but wanted to help anyways, you for sure will receive those blessings you are in need of for your charitable works. I know the greatest thing i learned here was to "Learn of Christ, but do not just teach of Christ, Teach by Christ" If we teach by or with Christ we will teach his pure Gospel and people will grow faster and stronger. Help people exercise their free agency by moving towards Christ. Free Agency is a Great Gift of God, to choose to love Him and be more like Him. He gave us this Gift to experience life, but not only to experience life but to Choose to Love him and Follow him by our own Free Will. Because we know that when we do things that we choose to do we enjoy it a lot more, and when we choose to do the things the Lord asks, we will Enjoy being with Him even more. I know that those who feel far from the Lord or do not believe that he exists, Only have their eyes closed, backs turned, hands clenched and just need to open their eyes or turn around or open their hands to be accepted of Him or Believe in Him, because he is waiting and is willing. There is a scripture that was quoted in Conference i know it is also found in D&C 88: 63 but i think there is a better verse in the Bible, not sure of the reference. "Draw near unto me and I will draw near[er] unto you;..."  If we but take the chance to come unto Christ and Heavenly Father even if we take One step, i know that they will gladly take Two steps towards us. I challenge all who read this to take a step towards Christ and Heavenly Father. Whether it be Believe that they are Real, or Read some more in the Scriptures, share your beliefs with another, or even invite them to listen to the Gospel. Come unto Christ everyone and be perfected in him. I undoubtedly know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the one and only true church on the Earth, that has living Prophets to guide and help us return to our Heaven Father if we but choose to Follow the Counsel of the Lord in all our Doings. I know that no man is forgotten by God but man will forget God, and when we forget Him we need only to humble our selves and ask him for forgiveness and we will Gladly forget our faults, wrongs and Short comings. I plead as Prophets of Old pled for people to come be Followers of the True Gospel and Teachings of Jesus Christ, to learn how to obtain everlasting happiness, and I do so humbly in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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